Next-generation MRI analysis //

// improving diagnosis// reducing scan time// simplifying clinical workflows// accelerating clinical trials

Safe and non-invasive imaging diagnostics

Quantified Imaging is developing ground-breaking diagnostic tools for neurodegeneration and oncology. Based on non-invasive MRI, they will open a world of possibilities for better understanding disease and accelerating clinical trials. 

Imaging Modalities



Arterial spin labelling measures perfusion in the brain without contrast



Chemical exchange saturation transfer is a rapidly-emerging molecular modality that does not require any tracer.


Our tools are built on our gold-standard variational Bayesian inference machine learning technology. Developed over 20 years at the Universities of Oxford and Nottingham, they are released for research use via FSL and have been adopted by the largest brain studies such as UK Biobank.

About Us

Quantified Imaging was co-founded by Professor Michael Chappell and Dr Tom Kirk and span out from the University of Nottingham in 2023. We are supported by the BBSRC ICURe and Innovate UK.

Get in Touch

We are keen to hear from clinicians or researchers who have an interest in diagnosis using ASL / CEST; please get in touch.

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